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Meet Our Partners

Our partners aren't just collaborators; they're the driving force behind our mission. Each partner represents a crucial pillar in our community-driven approach, working hand-in-hand to create positive change. 

Thomas Hope Foundation

The Thomas Hope Foundation is focused on providing support, guidance and pathways to treatment for individuals struggling with addition as well as their loved ones. Their certified peer recovery coaches use their lived experiences to guide those affected to a road of recovery. They are dedicated to promoting awareness, education, advocacy and empowerment regarding substance use disorder. Their e believe that a willingness to obtain a basic understanding of Substance Use disorder can break down stigma, fuel empathy and is the foundation of all prevention.

Linda Ventura, the founder of the organization, established the Thomas Hope Foundation as a heartfelt tribute to her son. Motivated by her own challenging journey, her aim was to carve out a supportive space and embody the compassionate ally she wished she had when navigating the complexities this insidious disease imposed on her son.

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