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About Us

The WIHN (Why In Heavens Name) Foundation is dedicated to being a catalyst for change in combating mental illness, accidental overdose, and suicide prevention. Our mission is to connect with organizations on the frontlines of this battle and raise funds to amplify their impact. We aim to build a supportive community dedicated to breaking down barriers in mental health and empowering organizations to reach and support more individuals in need.

"The WIHN Foundation has ignited a transformative dialogue on mental health, providing a much-needed platform for open discussions that inspire understanding, support, and positive change in our communities."  

A Message From Our Founder

Many have inquired about the primary motivating force behind establishing the WIHN Foundation.
The straightforward answer: the motivation did not arise solely from the tragic death of a loved one
by suicide or the admission of a family member into an inpatient mental institution. However,
both events served as profound eye-openers that imparted valuable lessons. Something within me
clicked, igniting a desire to take action rather than remain passive.

I found inspiration to be the difference by extending a helping hand to those in need. Inspiration,
in essence, is a state of being that serves as a powerful agent of influence. Rooted in our values,
imagination, and experiences, it sparks a desire to pursue meaningful goals. 

My guiding mantra is simple: If each of us becomes a better version of ourselves, perhaps,
collectively as one united entity, we can contribute to changing the world into a place of
compassion and shared humanity.

- Anthony Morrone

Give Hope

Your donation fuels our mission to save lives and combat mental illness. Join us in giving hope today.

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