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About Our Founder

In my youth, I often concealed my true self. Guided by the influences of parents,
schoolteachers, Catholic priests, sports coaches, and friends, I would conform to popular beliefs. While
many acknowledged my creativity, few recognized my uniqueness as I chose the safer path of
conformity over individuality.

This pattern continued into my young adulthood, even as I achieved academic success.
Graduating with honors from Pace University in 1974 and becoming a New York State Certified
Public Accountant at an early age. Despite the excitement of the job, it came with constraints,
necessitating strict adherence to governing board rules. Throughout this period, I maintained my
particular nature but again, concealed my true self.

The turning point came in 1981 when I embarked on a non-stop, five-year reading of the one-
year Bible. At the age of 44, in 1986, three guiding lights entered my life seemingly by chance.
Firstly, Father Joseph F. Girzone, a retired priest and international best-selling author of the
Joshua book series who quickly became a transformative figure to me. Meeting him and reading his works inspired
me to write my own books in the late 1990s. Father Joe graciously wrote forewords for both
'Born Under a Lucky Star' and 'The Vanity Mirror.'


Secondly, Father James Conway, whom I met at a retreat in Altamont, New York, left a
lasting impact. As a dedicated teacher of Nazarene ways, he not only influenced my writing but

emphasized the importance of prayer in my life. 

Lastly, in the mid-1990s, I met Father Larry Rywalt, who became my spiritual director. His
teachings on selflessness guided my journey. Transferring to Rome over twenty years ago, his
absence led me to rely on my inner voice for spiritual guidance, resulting in journalizing prayers
and the creation of the character Emmitt Thomas Rhodes (ET for short), who plays the champion character in my book
first book 'Born Under a Lucky Star.'


From concealing my true self in youth to authentically weaving my tapestry, the journey has transformed.

Reflecting now, I, the curious accountant, seek balance not just in numbers but in the dance between

human language and the language of the Universe. The narrative that started with concealment concludes in a

celebration of authenticity and a profound connection to the essence of being.

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